Top FREE tutorials to learn ROS

In this post, I would like to share some of the FREE video tutorials and books for learning R.O.S (Robot Operating System).

ROS Tutorials Playlist

Here is the popular video tutorial playlist from YouTube for learning ROS. In the top-right of the embedded video, you can see the number of videos in the playlist, and if you click it, you can able to see the list of videos in the playlist.

1. Free ROS Video Tutorials and book from ROBOTIS

These videos are good for beginners. Make sure you have some basic ideas about Linux terminal commands, C++, and Python before following this tutorial. The best thing is, these tutorials are based on a FREE Ebook, so you can follow that book if you have any confusion in the following videos.

2. ROS Tutorials from Chris Fauerbach

These video tutorials are based on ROS wiki tutorials. This will help you to understand the tutorials mentioned in ROS Wiki. The videos easy to understand and he is explaining each step.

3. ROS Tutorials from Justin Huang

These video tutorials are very straight forward. The instructor is clearly mentioning about ROS and its concepts. It’s very easy to understand and audio quality is also good.

4. Programming for Robotics: ROS Tutorials from ETH Zurich

The whole tutorials are organized in a structured way. The tutorials are a little old, but the ROS concepts are the same. I don’t think this course will be apt for absolute beginners, but if you have some understanding of ROS, then you can watch these tutorials.

5. ROS and Raspberry Pi Tutorial from Tiziano Fiorenzani

These videos are useful for people looking for ROS and Raspberry Pi. The presentation is good, and you will get the basics of ROS and how to work with Raspberry Pi and ROS.

6. ROS Basic Tutorials from Shawn Chen

These tutorials are very structured and I think people can easily understand his tutorials. Most of the videos are based on ROS wiki tutorials.

7. ROS in 5 days from Construct

These videos are good for understanding ROS concepts. The constructsim is a company that provides an online portal to work with ROS. All of their tutorials are based on their platform. So as a beginner, people may confuse with the actual PC environment and their web platform. I only prefer this person who already has a ROS environment in their PC. There is some issue with voice and all, but you will understand concepts.

8. Hello World with ROS Course from edx

This is an official course in edx for learning ROS. This is an intermediate level course, so you should have an understanding of Linux, Python, and C++ in order to pursue this course. You have to pay in order to get the certificate but free to enroll and audit the course.


Here is a list of ROS books that is free and available to download. I have included both of these books and seminar PDF based on ROS Robot Programming in the download option.

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    What about Learn Robotics with ROS on youtube? It is a youtube channel came up for beginners! Check it out!

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