What are the different types of robots available?

4. Medical Robots

There are different kinds of robots are used in the medical field. One of the popular robots in this category is surgical robots. A surgical robot is a teleoperated robot that can perform surgery from a distant location. Surgical robots are very precise, and the main advantage of these robots are, the surgery can be performed by an expert doctor without coming to the actual location.

One of the popular surgical robots is da Vinci Surgical System. Here is a demo video da Vinci robot.

Other than surgical robots, there are prostheses and robotic exoskeletons. The prosthetic robotic arm is similar to the human arm, in which joints are controlled by motors. It is having tactile sensors to feel the touch. The controlling of the robotic arm and the sense of touch is accomplished by implanted electrodes in the brain.

Exo-skeletons are wearable mobile machines that consist of motor-powered movable joints which can provide us with more strength for limbs and hands. These suits are helpful for people who have difficulty in walking.

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