Robotics in a nutshell, and major areas of robotics

So, who is a Robotics Engineer?


A robotics engineer is like a full-stack engineer. He should have a good understanding of mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, and computer engineering.

Major areas of Robotics

There are so many related branches in robotics. The list is too long, but I would like to mention some of the important branches of robotics. You may get tons of information from the web if you do a google search about any.

Important branches in robotics

History of Robotics


You may be thinking about why I put the history of robotics as the last topic in this post. The fact is, very few people are interested in going through the historical aspect of robotics. I don’t want to mention more about robot history in this post, but mentioning a few web links to read more about the history of robotics

  1. What is Robotics [Nasa]
  2. Robotics [Webopedia]

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